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Pallanza beer 33CL (12 bottles)


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In Pallanza beer, not only barley malt, but also wheat (not malted) and real orange peel is used.
Below we will do some tests to get the camellia petals back inside as well. Wheat proteins, together with the use of yeast, explain why this beer has a more opaque and veiled appearance than the classic golden yellow color. In particular, the presence of yeast in suspension ensures that the maturation of the beer does not end once it is bottled, but continues afterwards.
Characteristic will be the use of orange peel with a hint of camellia that characterizes the scents of Lake Maggiore, which complement the sweet aroma.

The taste of this beer is slightly acidic, fresh and spicy, with an almost imperceptible bitterness, suitable for those who do not like the peculiar note of hops, much appreciated especially during the summer, because it is particularly thirst-quenching. It is suitable to be enjoyed during an aperitif with some snacks, but also during a meal, combined with light dishes with a delicate flavor.

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